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Enterprise IT Architectures

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IT/OT architectures describe the company-wide networking of systems from the office floor (information technology/IT) to the store floor (operation technology/OT) in line with existing customer-relevant and internal business processes and requirements. Regardless of whether you only want to make IT or also OT changes, we ensure holistic planning of the IT architecture. This planning concerns the use of existing applications and the replacement of legacy systems. In this way, maintenance costs can be reduced and implementation times shortened. In the long term, we work with you to develop a scalable and adaptable IT/OT architecture that allows you to react flexibly to market changes.

Key areas of action

Modular Architectures

As digitalization progresses, the relevance of the IT/OT architecture continues to increase. New processes, tools and methods are being introduced and networked with each other for end-to-end digitalization. This networking is easy to manage at first, but grows exponentially with each new process or tool. In order to enable further growth and not become an obstacle to your own strategic goals, the complexity must be kept manageable. Technical platforms (or platform architectures) that provide a centralized interface, communication channels and services are a key means of achieving this. They also increase the flexibility of the company's own architecture and enable the targeted integration of expert systems in order to support the individual business units in their service portfolio and offer digital business models before their competitors.

Architecture Management

In recent years, IT has become an increasingly strategic factor in the success of modern companies. As a result, the work within IT is also changing and architecture management is taking on a central and strategic role. In addition to the reactive satisfaction of user and customer requirements, an active leadership role and the ability to provide impulses are also required.
UNITY brings all of this together in Architecture Management.                                                   It manages the company's entire digital performance and implements new possibilities quickly and independently.
To ensure this, those responsible must define and fill new roles and provide resources for the ongoing development of the IT/OT architecture. Cooperation with the individual business units and Enterprise Architecture Management is also essential.
With strong architecture management, companies can become the winners of the digital transformation and ensure a successful future.

Cloud Architecures

Modern hyperscaler cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure provide new possibilities for IT/OT architecture. However, developing such architectures is not a sure-fire success and should be carefully considered and planned, as not every use case can be optimally implemented in the cloud. A detailed consideration of the individual use cases and their impact on the overall IT/OT architecture is essential here.
In addition to the technical evaluation, the cost side is also often an important driver. Here, it is important to compare the benefits and their costs and not just carry out a pure cost assessment. However, the benefits for the core business must first be identified and evaluated.
Despite all the challenges that the cloud offers, it is essential to consider the opportunities for a company through the targeted integration of cloud services and architecture elements. Different architecture and cloud models can then be used to develop a flexible and future-proof IT/OT architecture and use the cloud as a competitive advantage.

Our Consulting Services in Enterprise IT Architectures

Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses

Your challenges:

  • What are the benefits of my current IT/OT architecture? 
  • What requirements do I have of my IT/OT architecture today? 
  • What are the future challenges for my IT/OT architecture?

UNITY solution approach:

  • Analyze the existing enterprise IT/OT and data architecture by identifying existing IT systems and interfaces 
  • Derive and document a customer-specific architecture 
  • Identify potentials and areas of action
Developing the optimal IT architecture together

Your challenges:

  • What will the IT/OT architecture of the future look like? 
  • What skills will be needed in the future? 
  • What are best practices and industry trends?

UNITY solution approach:

  • Develop a future-oriented IT/OT architecture methodically in line with the IT strategy and along the process landscape 
  • Design highly implementable platform solutions and derive a company-wide data architecture
  • Support the implementation of PoCs or MVPs
Step by step to the IT architecture of the future

Your challenges:

  • Which IT systems are required and which dependencies need to be taken into account? 
  • How and where is data collected, exchanged and processed?
  • Where should we start and how should progress be monitored?

UNITY solution approach:

  • Creation of an IT implementation roadmap and coaching of the project participants 
  • Interface design for the integration of third-party systems as well as 
  • planning, execution, evaluation and control of the implementation

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Cloud Assessment
Digital Services
2-3 Months

Covers the identification of strategic potential through cloud solutions for your company and a customized roadmap to get there.

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Cloud Kick Start Workshop
Digital Services
1 Day

An all-day workshop to introduce you to cloud computing and identify the initial potentials for your company.

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Target IT/OT Architecture Development
IT Transformation
3-12 Months

Includes the analysis and development of a high-performance IT/OT architecture that is aligned with the individual strategy.

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IT Architecture Assessment
IT Transformation
2-4 Week Sprint

You will receive an overview of the current performance of your IT in terms of the technologies and paradigms used.

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Security Champion Training
Cyber Security
13 Weeks part-time

Intensive training lasting several weeks with specialist lectures, interactive exercises, demonstrations of tools and instruments.

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