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Change Management

Change Management

How do you prepare your team for the next organizational transformation?

In almost all industries, strategic changes in companies are currently in full swing. The rapid changes in the working environment present employees with the challenge of learning new processes, methods and systems and acquiring new skills in addition to their day-to-day work. This requires a high level of commitment and dedication.

UNITY makes your projects successful by placing the same importance on the people in your project environment  as the project goals themselves. This makes change management an integral part of our project management. We identify the need for change, develop the appropriate change strategy, manage its implementation, and ensure it is sustainably anchored in the organization.

With professional competence and empathy, we support not only individual projects, but also comprehensive transformations. In doing so, we are always open to all aspects of human nature that may arise during the change process. Our goal is to successfully complete projects and support people in the best possible way during the change process, thus ensuring the sustainable effectiveness of the project results.

Our competences in Change Management

Our Consulting Services for your Change Management

Your challenges:

  • Manage complexity: Changes in projects and programs have a high degree of complexity.
  • Increase employee engagement: It is important for the success of the project that employees remain motivated and engaged during the change process.
  • Overcome resistance: Change is often met with resistance – to overcome this and encourage employee buy-in, developing appropriate strategies is critical.

Experience Change Management expertise in Practice! UNITY provides you with the right change managers for your projects

UNITY solution approach:

  • Analysis and planning: We conduct a comprehensive analysis to understand the specific challenges of your project or program. Based on this, we develop a detailed plan for change management.
  • Communication and employee involvement: We place great emphasis on open and transparent communication. Through targeted communication strategies and employee participation, we create an environment in which change is accepted and supported.
  • Competence development and coaching: We support your employees through targeted training and coaching to strengthen their skills and understand the change process. This empowers them to actively contribute to the successful implementation of the project.

Your challenges:

  • Organizational adaptability: To remain competitive, companies must be able to adapt to a constantly changing business environment.
  • Cultural transformation: A healthy and positive corporate culture is critical for long-term success. However, there is often a need to transform the existing culture.
  • Employee engagement and collaboration: a strong organization requires engaged employees and effective collaboration between teams. These factors are fundamental to the growth and performance of the business.

    Culture creates lasting values! UNITY works with you to develop a strategic corporate mission statement and supports you in implementing it sustainably . 

UNITY solution approach in cooperation with UNITYmove:

  • Organizational analysis and design: We analyze your organizational structure and processes to identify weaknesses and highlight areas for improvement. Based on this analysis, we develop customized solutions to make your organization more agile and adaptable.
  • Culture Change and Employee Engagement: We work with you to develop a clear culture change plan that is aligned with your specific goals and values. We help you create a positive culture that fosters employee engagement and collaboration.
  • Team Development and Training: We provide targeted training and development programs to strengthen leaders and employees in the areas of collaboration, communication and conflict resolution. This empowers teams to work together effectively and achieve common goals.

Your challenges:

  • Management development: To meet changing requirements, companies need to continuously develop their managers.
  • Personal and professional development: Managers need support to develop their skills and competencies and realize their full potential.
  • Change leadership: Managers must be able to successfully lead change and guide their teams through the change process.

Lead people to find a solution themselves! UNITY provides you with experienced change managers for individual or team coaching. UNITY works closely with the UNITY Innovation Alliance and UNITY Move to provide its clients with a comprehensive range of services.

UNITY solution approach in cooperation with UNITYmove: 

  • Individual coaching: Our experienced coaches help managers identify their individual strengths and development areas and define concrete development steps.
  • Management training programs: We offer customized training programs to develop managers in the areas of leadership competencies, change leadership and strategic thinking. 
  • Support during change processes: We support managers in leading their teams through change processes by providing them with tools and techniques to overcome resistance and motivate employees.


Contact person for all external Academy activities

Since July 1, 2021 we have spun off UNITYmove Training and Coaching as part of the UNITY Innovation Alliance. The goal is to professionalize and expand our external academy activities (especially training with a focus on personality development) in the direction of the customer. In addition, UNITYmove will continue to design the internal personality trainings with us.

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