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In an era where the business landscape and its environment are constantly evolving, the strategic use of technology is becoming a key competitive advantage. Through a targeted Cloud Assessment, you can take your current IT architecture and IT strategy to a new level and establish a link between your current situation and future opportunities in cloud computing.

A well thought-out strategy not only enables efficient implementation, but also paves the way for future-oriented innovations. The decision for a possible cloud variant is not only considered from a technological, but also from a strategic, process-related and organizational perspective.

The objective is not only to work out a possible development variant, but also to develop a visionary perspective for the sustainable success of your company in the digital age and to proactively prepare your company for future changes, and thus position it for success.

Package M

Record and analyze the current technical infrastructure and IT strategy, core business processes and existing resources and capabilities

  • Assess the initial situation and define strategic goals 
  • Determine potentials and identify risks

Define potential courses of action and a realistic roadmap for implementation

Your Benefits
  • Resolve areas of tension (e.g. between business and IT) 
  • Obtain a customized Cloud Roadmap for your company
Package M

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Cloud Assessment

2-3 Months


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Head of Digital Services

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Katharina Pierschalik

Partner, Head of Business Area

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Till Gradert


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