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Christoph Plass

UNITY Founder and Member of the Executive Board

Christoph Plass is a member of the Executive Board at the management consultancy UNITY. Known as an expert for digital transformation and Industrie 4.0 throughout Europe, he advises midsize companies as well as large corporations on topics concerning digital strategies and business models, platforms, value creation of the future and Work 4.0.

Christoph Plass founded UNITY in 1995 together with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Gausemeier, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, and fellow Executive Board Member Tomas Pfänder.

Born and raised in the Sauerland region, Christoph Plass studied industrial engineering, specializing in manufacturing technology at Paderborn University from 1990-1995. Christoph Plass is married, has four children and lives in Salzkotten-Scharmede.

In the context of digitalization, Christoph Plass focuses on the development of strategies and business models as well as the design of digital transformation.

Examples of presentations by Christoph Plass

  • Leadership in Digital Change
  • Digitalization – An Impulse for Visionaries, Doers and Sceptics
  • There is no future without digitalization!
  • Digital Business Models
  • New Business Models Through Platforms – Active for a Successful Future
  • Digital Transformation – Now it is specific!
  • Digital Transformation – From planning to implementation
  • Industrie 4.0 – Paths to market success

Thematic Focus of Christoph Plass

  • Digitalization
  • Program and Project Management
  • Business Transformation & Industrie 4.0
  • Digital Governance & Digital Campus/Hub
  • E-Government
  • IT Management
  • Platforms and Services
  • Technologies and Architectures
  • Leadership and Culture

Memberships and other commitments of Christoph Plass

  • Vice President and Member of the General Assembly of the IHK Ostwestfalen Bielefeld
  • acatech Thematic network: Information and Communication Technology
  • Member of the Platform Industrie 4.0 "Working Group 6 Platform Economy"
  • Member of the steering committee of the SICP Software Innovation Campus Paderborn

Additional publications by Christoph Plass

  • Industrial Metaverse, Impulse papier Plattform Industrie 4.0, What does the metaverse mean for value creation dynamics in Industrie 4.0, 17.04.2023
  • Results paper, Plattform Industrie 4.0, Digital ecosystems in industry - typology, examples and future development, April 2021
  • Is the OZG really the promised driver of digitalization?, Interview published in BDU column,, May 2022
  • IT platforms and innovative business models, interview, published in the SICP magazine, issue 4-2020
  • Work 4.0 - Innovation needs freedom, in: VDMA, How will we work in the future? Operational practice between vision and present, 02.05.2017
  • Highest excellence in the smallest of spaces, in: Ostwestfälische Wirtschaft, 4/2018
  • Plans for the future - digitalization and areas, in: Ostwestfälische Wirtschaft, 3/2018
  • Oversupply - Industrie 4.0 Platforms, in: Business Impact, 4/2017
  • Areas for the future - Technical article from the business community for the OWL 2035 regional plan
  • Germany has some catching up to do, in: Neue Westfälische, 29.11.2017
  • The platform phenomenon, in:, 9.11.2017
  • How digital business processes and business models are changing the world of work, in: Handbuch Gestaltung digitaler und vernetzter Arbeitswelten (Springer Link), 11/2017
  • Digitalization is coming one way or another, in:, 19.10.2017
  • On the road to Industrie 4.0 - A marathon with many stages, in: IT-Mittelstand, 10/2017

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Christoph Plass

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