It all comes down to people, even in the digital age.

Our employees are our strength

With our experts in industries, technologies and methods, we are well positioned to build the ideal team to fulfill individual customer requirements.
With a wide variety of experts from the UNITY Innovation Alliance, we cover the entire range of expertise required for digital transformation – from management consultants, software developers and coaches – that anchor sustainable change in a company using change management methods.

People are at the center of everything we do! With the ideas, talents, cultural experiences and passions of all employees, we create diversity -- and promote creativity and innovation! Together, we create a working environment that is characterized by appreciation, openness, truth and clarity. These values give us orientation in all situations and promote our corporate culture -- the UNITY spirit

The various expert roles from UNITY Innovation Alliance

360 Consultants

Consulting to drive innovative strength and operational excellence

180 Software developers

Development and realization of custom software solutions, data platforms and AI services

90 Data specialists

Development and realization of custom software solutions, data platforms and AI services

90 Operational doers

Operational support in your projects, such as factory and logistics planning, project management and the development of digital products

25 Trainers and coaches

Employee empowerment and development as the basis for sustainable success in your organization

Get to know some of our UNITIES

Regardless of area and role, we give all our employees the creative freedom they need to develop forward-looking solutions together with our customers. Are you curious? In #UNITIESupclose, our employees provide both personal and professional insights!

Whether experienced professionals, graduates or students - regardless of career level, we offer a wide range of entry opportunities. You too can find your dream job at UNITY!