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More than 1,500 client projects – from renowned SMEs to global players. Companies from different industries benefit from our expertise. Convince yourself and read our project references.

  • Merging of two workshops
  • Introduction of a central control center and a patient portal in the hospital
  • Business transformation and digital advancement
  • Products and the R&D organization positioned for the future
  • Innovative solutions for the sports and health market
  • Efficient inter-municipal cooperation
  • Increased efficiency in administrative business processes
  • BMW Motorrad "Global Dealer Academy"
  • Corporate Sustainability @ Pfannenberg
  • Clear methodology in the planning process
  • Implementation plan for the sustainability strategy
  • Realizing digital customer journey
  • Cultural change as a vehicle for digital transformation in public administration
  • End-to-end digital transformation with the UNITY Innovation Alliance
  • Reliable and high-performance IT infrastructure


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UNITY is the management consultancy for innovation and transformation. We enable global players, midsize companies and public sector customers to master digital transformation that is future-proof and sustainable. UNITY provides impulses through its in-depth understanding of technology and turns its customers into pioneers in their industries. UNITY is a member of the UNITY Innovation Alliance AG. This is a strong network of companies that supports its customers in the digitalization of business models, products and services through continuous expertise – from the conception to the implementation. The UNITY Innovation Alliance has more than 800 employees, of which 380 are employed by the management consultancy.



Gain deep insights into our projects and how we work in our UNITY Company Report. Among others, we provide interesting impulses on how to ensure profitability throughout business transformation, increase revenue and efficiency with Digital Services and use Cyber Security as a competitive advantage. At the heart of our Company Report are ten exciting project stories (p. 24-43) that reflect the wide range of our consulting services and the industries that we serve.

Company Report


Do you want to shape the digital transformation? Is it important to you to realize your Big Five for Life in the company? Become part of our powerful and motivated team and benefit from a unique corporate culture, a high degree of creative freedom and diverse consulting projects.

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Ensure profitability through transformation

The global economy is in a critical state. Years of crisis have taken their toll on companies in all sectors. At the same time, the economic outlook for the coming years is anything but positive. Continuing with “business as usual“ is an option for fewer and fewer companies, as declining sales and rising costs increasingly threaten their ability to act. Find out how you can ensure your company's profitability. 

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Increase revenue and efficiency with Digital Services

Digital Services are an elementary component of future value creation. Increasingly, both customers and partners expect to be able to interact via digital channels. In saturated markets, digital products or services also offer a new, disproportionately scalable source of revenue that many companies are not yet utilizing. Fint out how to orientate your company towards digital services as an elementary component of future value creation. 

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Cyber Security as a competitive advantage

In an increasingly networked world, Cyber Security is no longer just a matter of risk management, it has become a decisive competitive advantage. Information security must be used as a strategic tool to get ahead in the market.

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We also aim to make a sustainable and positive contribution to the environment and society outside of our customer projects. Therefore, we are actively working with our employees to protect the climate and resources, are involved in various organisations and support various aid and educational projects. In addition, our culture enables advancement and further development for every life model and at every stage of life, regardless of origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion or age. We already actively support the Diversity Charter and by signing it, we want to bring the idea of diversity even deeper into the world of work. Especially in times like these, it is clear how important it is to work for a world in which diversity is practiced in the spirit of our democracy so that we can preserve this precious asset. We are proud that many of our employees are personally committed to our values, which we are happy to actively support in our corporate culture.

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Discover the UNITY Innovation Alliance

The UNITY Innovation Alliance (UIA) supports companies with end-to-end expertise in the digitalization of business models, products and services -- from the conception to the implementation. The members of the group of companies contribute their specific expertise to make their customers winners of digitalization.

UNITY Innovation Alliance



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